Volunteering in LIFE

It is well documented that keeping active both in mind and body is beneficial for longevity.  Membership in LIFE certainly keeps the mind active, but volunteering to participate in the operations of the LIFE organizations offers another great way to keep you both physically and mentally active by allowing you to use your developed talent and experience.   Besides many members are retired and need meaningful endeavors to keep them active.

Life operates on the efforts of our volunteers.  Through their volunteer work LIFE is able to keep our membership fees low and yet enable us to provide significant financial support to the university’s faculty and students, and promote gerontology research through our Grant programs.   As you can see our volunteer force is critical to our operations.  We need them to exist, and we need more members to step up and join this great team.

Please consider volunteering to serve on our board of directors or one of our many  committees.  Special assistants also do not need to be board members.   Below is a list of the many areas you can serve:

LIFE Board:  18 members, 6 new elected by the membership every year for 3 year term.  Limits for multiple terms apply.

LIFE Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers are elected annually by the board.  Officers must be a board member.

COMMITTEES:  Curriculum, Membership, Special Events, Grant and Awards, Gerontology Research Grants, Technical Support, and Honors program,

SPECIAL ASSISTANTS: LIFE Newsletter Editor, Safety, Webmaster, Veterans Oral History Program, Diversity, and LIFE Field Trip Coordinator.

A volunteer is needed to take over the Webmaster Position. This is now a supervisor overseer position. No programming required. Contact the president if you are interested in serving in this important position.

Consider helping us using your experience, background and judgement.  Complete the below application today: