Requests for LIFE members to Participate in Gerontology Research


University of Central Florida Faculty and Student Researchers who wish to have LIFE participants as their research subjects must adhere to the following review process.  The LIFE@UCF Research Review Committee oversees the process and makes recommendations to the President of LIFE if the research meets the criteria. Priority for approval is given to UCF faculty and students under their supervision who have received gerontology research awards from LIFE at UCF. Other UCF faculty and supervised students can also be considered for approval. Researchers in the Orlando professional community may also be considered if they have a research relationship with UCF. Upon receiving notification of review approval, the researcher may schedule a time with the Executive Director of LIFE, Leslie Collin at to make a 2-3 minute presentation to recruit participants at a LIFE class session.

In order to be considered the researcher must address the following:

  • The researcher must provide a written abstract of the project including the research question, the purpose, the responsibility and time demands of the participant subjects and potential benefit of participation.
  • The researcher must provide a signed approved IRB, including an informed consent agreement prior to the recruitment of LIFE participants.
  • For research projects that are designed to be administered on-line, be aware that the LIFE at UCF membership roster will NOT be made available to any research group. Arrangements must be made for such prepared materials to be distributed by LIFE at UCF through their list serve.
  • The nature of the research should be related to the field of gerontology or of interest to participants.
  • The researcher(s) should contact and send all materials to Dr. Richard Tucker (, Chair of the Research Committee.