LIFE Student ID and Parking Passes for 2020

Student ID and Membership Name Tags

Your current LIFE membership name tag and UCF Student ID card remain the same. There are no
changes to them and they will remain in effect for the fall and spring semester. Obviously, if a member did not
renew their LIFE membership for the year, then these IDs are null and void.

Your student ID card has a validity date imprinted on it. If your student ID card is expiring during the next two
months (or has just expired), you may renew your ID by contacting LIFE Membership. Contact us via email at to obtain a completed and signed “Application for LIFE Student ID”, and detailed information
on how to contact UCF ID Services to obtain a new updated valid Student ID either on campus or via mail. .

Contact us via email at if you have any questions.

UCF Parking Passes and Student Benefits

As an active member of LIFE, you are entitled to student discounts and other benefits from UCF. Enjoy your
benefits and opportunities within the extent of what is offered and available as we participate with UCF
activities during this year.

Your current UCF LIFE Parking Pass has been extended and remains valid through Dec. 31, 2020. This is
valid if you1) have renewed your LIFE membership for the year, and 2) completed the UCF Verification
process that we were required to do during this renewal process. As we get closer to the end of the calendar
year, we will need to obtain new parking passes and distribute them to our membership. This will likely occur
in November time-frame.

Due to the requirement of wearing a mask while on UCF premises and events, you may choose to pick up a
UCF Face Mask. UCF is making 1 such mask available for each student and you may pick it up at the
appropriate locations on campus. See the LIFE Times newsletter for more information.