LIFE Safety/Evacuation Plan

The UCF Safety/Evacuation Plan has been reviewed and approved. Jennifer Hartman, Assistant Director of Event Planning for the Student Union, assures us there is an emergency/disaster plan in place for the Student Union Building. Please follow instructions from the Student Union officials. Members of the Police and Fire Departments are in charge in the event of an evacuation.

Health Safety Guidelines
When one of our members has a health emergency, the Safety Committee Chair or representative will call 911 and then call the Student Union Information Desk – (407) 823-0001. All emergency procedures will be performed by the first responders. Automated external defibrillators (AED) are located at the Information Desk and are available to the trained personnel for health emergencies.

In the event of a fall, the person should be instructed to remain on the floor until he or she has been evaluated by emergency personnel. If the person insists upon getting up, it should be on his/her own. Please do not attempt to help or provide assistance. You may cause more harm than good to the individual as well as yourself.  When emergency personnel arrive, it is important that all members remain at a distance. In accordance with HIPPA requirements, that distance is approximately 8-10 feet. This ensures as much privacy as possible and gives the first responders sufficient room to work.

Emergency Exit Guidelines

In the event of fire, bomb threat, power outage and other facilities emergencies, it is mandated that we leave the building. The elevators stop running, lighting is deactivated, and an alarm sounds accompanied by the following verbal warning: “An emergency has been detected, please leave the building.” Members of Police and Fire Departments are in charge of the evacuation.

Pegasus Ballroom: Everyone in Pegasus must evacuate through the side doors into the hallway and out the nearest exit. In the event of fire, a partition in the hallway will descend from the ceiling to prevent entering the Atrium.

Cape Florida Room: Everyone in Cape Florida will exit the side doors and down the stairs located in the back hallway.

To assist with the evacuation of the disabled, members of the Police  and Fire Departments and authorized UCF staff will sweep through all rooms starting on the fourth floor all the way down to the first. They are authorized to override the stopped elevator if there is no fire. However, in the case of fire, the stairwells are fireproof for up to two (2) hours.

In a fire situation, the stairwell is the best place for the disabled to wait for assistance from the Fire Department personnel. An Evac Chair, specially designed for stairway use, is readily available for use by evacuation personnel.

The LIFE board members will provide leadership during an emergency.

Paulette Geller, LIFE Safety Chair