LIFE Grant and Awards Program Completion Report

Gerontology Research  Award recipients  are requested to submit the below form when  their research project is completed.   Competitive Award and Direct Grant recipients  are requested to submit the form when the  funding use and impact can be reported.


LIFE Grant and Awards Program Utilization Feedback Form

LIFE Award recipients are asked to complete the following outline at the completion of their project/research. Failure to submit this report can affect accepting future Award submissions.
  • Grant or Award Recipient's email
  • List the name of the award and the total funds received from LIFE and other sources.
  • If funds were used to support a classroom or research project enter a summary here.
  • Enter here the specific use of the LIFE funds provided.
  • Include the following: a. Items Completed (Include items funded and amount) b. Student presentation c. Scholarly publication d. Interdisciplinary Collaboration e. Leveraging of LIFE at UCF award
  • Describe the overall results achieved from this grant or award.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.