Gerontology Applied Research Grants

Gerontology Applied Research Grants

LIFE at UCF is proud to sponsor two yearly gerontology research grant programs. The Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research and Al Dallago OUR Gerontology Research Grant programs provide significant funds to the students and faculty at the University of Central Florida to support this field of study important to our membership.   The grants are provided to promote all aspects of UCF research relating to the scientific study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging.  As such these grants are intended to provide incentive for and recognize Gerontology research studies at the University of Central Florida.  The amount of these awards is determined each year by the LIFE Board of Directors and depends upon revenues from membership fees and donations from LIFE members. To date, LIFE at UCF is proud to have donated over $285,000 in support of these program.  We encourage each UCF organization to participate in these competitive programs.

Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research Grant

Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research Grant is a competitive grant specifically for Applied Gerontology Research conducted at UCF by UCF faculty, staff, or graduate students under the sponsorship of UCF professors. The research may be proposed or in progress. Approved grants can range up to the full yearly allotted funding. However, significant priority will be given to selecting the most projects that can be funded within the yearly approved funding.  Applications are required. The Application submission window opens each year in October and ends the following February. Awards are presented in March and are administered through the UCF Foundation.  Selection is made by a separate Gerontology Awards Committee that makes recommendations to the LIFE board for final approval. The program includes interviewing finalists.   An email announcing the program details is made to the UCF faculty at the beginning of the fall semester

For more details and the application form go to this link: LIFE Gerontology Applied Research Grant


In 2019-2020 LIFE at UCF awarded $30,000 to the following individuals through our Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research Program:

    • Dr. Bo Chen. Research :  “Structure of neurotixic amyloid beta peptide in Alzheimer’s disease by solid state nuclear magnetic resonance”    $6,000.00 Award. This first of a kind research funds a series of experiments that will characterize movements of specific molecules related to Alzheimer disease. This funds a part of an ongoing large project that maintains the research while additional funding requests are being processed.
    • Dr. Denise Gammonley. Research : “Using virtual reality to teach symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease”        $5,040.00 Award.  This research measures the effectiveness of Virtual reality equipment in teaching people to recognize the symptoms of Alzheimer disease.
    • Ms. Kylie Harmon.  Research : “Project MNOP (Mirror Neurons in Older Participants) $5,500.00 Award.  This unique research utilizes specialize equipment to measure the effect of Mirror neuron response in providing strength increase in older adults.  The knowledge gained can then be applied directly to physical therapy to improve performance.
    • Dr. Jacqueline LaManna Research: ”Educating the next generation of nurse practitioners in gerontology using telehealth robots” $3,970.00 Award.  This project will test the educational effectiveness of newly acquired telehealth robots with that provided by trained patients.
    • Dr. Nicole Lighthall. Research : “Improving investment decision-making in older adults” $5,710.00 Award. This study will measure the effectiveness of 2 proposed investment decision making documents using both young and older adults. The study will also compare the comprehension differences between the two groups.
    • Dr.Boonpeng Ng . Research :  “Examine the characteristics, health, and economic burdens of perceived fall risk and physiological fall risk assessments among racial/ethnic older US adult.”$3780.00 Award.  This research analyzes fall risks data from both national fall data and local interviews to best characterize and understand the fall risks among all older US adults

Al Dalago Undergraduate Gerontology Research Grant  Program.  

This undergraduate student award is separate from the UCF Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Grant program, but submissions are through the UCF OUR website.  Both programs use the same time schedule and application form.  Award recipients can receive simultaneous awards from both UCF and LIFE.   Application is by semester for undergraduate students only.  Three $750.00 grant are provided yearly.  To be considered for this award, students need to fill out the UCF OUR application and merely check the Gerontology research box in the UCF application form.

To apply go to this link: UCF OUR Research Grants . 


  • Al Dallago research grants awarded in 2019-2020:
    • Haley Lehew. Research: “Determining the Disaggregase Domains of Protein Disulfide Isomerase (PDI)” . This project aims to explore novel therapies for Alzheimer’s by determining which region of PDI is responsible for reversing fibrils aggregation in brain cells.
    • Kari Shaver. Research: “Stimulation and Modulation of Natural Killer Cells”    This project investigates the use of Exosomes to improve cancer immunotherapy and gene therapy.

Required Research Completion reports

All LIFE Gerontology Research Grant recipients are required to file a Completion of Research Report when the project has been completed.  Failure to file this report may impact eligibility  to receive future LIFE Grants.  The report form can be accessed at this link: Research Completion Report.