LIFE General Competitive Grants

Competitive Grant Applications are Complete for Year 2016

Competitive Grants are those made to fund specific projects submitted by individual departments/ faculty/staff to meet their educational needs.  Request for gerontology research funding need to be made under the LIFE Gerontology Applied research program.  In September each year the program is announced by an email sent out through each Deans and Department heads offices.  Included in this memo is the application form that must be completed and submitted in a signed pdf format through the LIFE website. This memo includes the LIFE at UCF web link that provides specific instructions on how to submit applications through the web site.  Please check with your department administrative assistant if you did not receive this announcement email.  Each submission will be sent an email receipt that includes the submission deadline and selection notification date.

Since the total funds available for this program are dependent on LIFE membership fees, yearly specific individual grant funding limits are established.  Typical maximum grants average $2000.  However, many grants only receive partial funding so it is important to prioritize your budget request.

Applicants may use the monies for a variety of needs, including equipment, supplies, books, program development and teaching enhancements.  However, the monies cannot be used for wages, research stipends or staff travel.

Examples of grants previously awarded include the following:

  1. PHYSICS- atomic force tips for lab equipment                                                  500.00
  2. ENGINEERING TECH – magnet equipment                                                     500.00
  3. S.T.E.P. PROGRAM- books for education program                                          500.00
  4. DEPT. OF FILM- motorcycle exhibit @Orlando Museum of Art                   500.00
  5. LIBRARY – book lockers outside special research area                                  1,000.00
  6. CHILD, FAMILY & COMMUNITY SCIENCES- education equipment          500.00
  7. COMMUNICATION SCIENCES DISORDERS equipment                            1,000.00
  8. CRIMINAL JUSTICE – scholarships                                                                  1,000.00
  9. CHEMISTRY-conference expenses                                                                        500.00
  10. ART DEPARTMENT- easels                                                                                 1,000.00
  11. SOCIOLOGY & ANTHROPOLOGY- castings for teaching                             1,000.00
  12. LIBERAL STUDIES – interviews with seniors                                                   500.00

Awards are based on the merits of the project submitted for consideration using the following minimum criteria:

  1. Benefit to individual UCF students, including the numbers of students.
  2. Benefit to LIFE at UCF members and to lifelong learning.
  3. Availability of other funding to support this project.
  4. How well the project meets the intent of these awards.
  5. How well the project meets the stated need.

Award winners are requested to complete a follow up report on the use of the funding and results achieved.

Application web site:  http://