LIFE Grants and Awards Program


LIFE at UCF annually provides Grants and Awards to various UCF departments, faculty, and students.  The amount of these awards is determined each year by the LIFE Board of Directors and depends upon revenues from membership fees and donations from LIFE members.  A minimum amount is specified in the current LIFE/UCF Partnership Agreement.  To date, LIFE at UCF is proud to have donated over $600,000 in support of these programs.

Grants and awards are divided into two major programs: The  Gerontology Applied Research Program and the  LIFE General Grants and Awards Program .     Each program is administered under separate policies.   One email announcement covering both programs is made to the UCF faculty at the beginning of the fall semester.  An announcement letter and separate applications for each program are posted on this LIFE at UCF web site during the fall semester.   Each program will have separate application deadline dates.  A Recognition Event for all Grant and Award selectees is held annually during the UCF academic spring semester.

Gerontology Applied Research Program (Average individual grant $500 to $6000)

The purpose and intent of this grant program is to promote and encourage all aspects of applied research at the University of Central Florida relating to the scientific study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging.  This program supports proposed research and research in progress.   The program consists of two parts: Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research Grant and the Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Research Grant.

Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research Grant is a competitive grant specifically for Applied Gerontology Research conducted at UCF by UCF faculty, staff or graduate students under the sponsorship of UCF professors.  The research may be proposed or in progress.  Approved grants can range up to the full yearly allotted funding.  However, significant priority will be given to selecting the most projects that can be funded within the yearly approved funding.  Applications are required.  Selection is made by a separate Gerontology Awards Committee which makes recommendations to the LIFE board for final approval.  The program includes interviewing finalists.  Submissions and the interview will be evaluated based on the below criteria:

a.) How well the project meets the purpose and intent of this award.

b.) How well the research meets or has met the stated need.

c.) Benefit to LIFE members, to elder students, to community members, and to lifelong learning.

d.) Availability of other funding to support this research.

Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Applied Research Grant is an integral part of the UCF Undergraduate Research Grant program that can provide $500 to support gerontology research projects submitted under the UCF program.  A simple Gerontology Research check box on the UCF application form ( ) is all that is required to have the application reviewed by the LIFE committee.  Applications are submitted and grants approved each semester in accordance with the UCF program.


LIFE General Grants and Awards Program (Average individual Grant $500 to $2500)

The purpose and intent of the Grants and Awards Program is to provide basic funding for UCF departments to enhance education and learning opportunities.  Each program is separately budgeted.  This program is divided into two parts:  Competitive Awards and General Grants.  Funding is not available for the 2017 Competitive Awards program.

Competitive Awards are those made to fund specific projects submitted by individual departments/ faculty/staff to meet their educational needs.  Applications are required and specific funding limits are specified.  Awards are based on the merits of the project submitted for consideration using the following minimum criteria:

a. Benefit to individual UCF students, including the numbers of students.

b. Benefit to LIFE at UCF members and to lifelong learning.

c. Availability of other funding to support this project.

d. How well the project meets the intent of these awards.

e. How well the project meets the stated need.

General Grants are those given to departments each fall which have supported LIFE over the previous year.  Departments are free to determine how these funds are applied to improve learning.  The Awards Committee directly nominates candidates for these awards based on the minimum criteria listed below:

a. Each department’s past and future service to LIFE at UCF membership.

b. Programs presented to the LIFE membership.

c. Immediate known need of the UCF department


Links to the Annual Announcement letters and Application forms for the various LIFE Grant programs when active are posted below:

  1. LIFE at UCF Competitive Awards
  2. Richard Tucker Gerontology Applied Research Awards
  3. Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Applied Research Grant