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Fall 2017 Lectures (August-December)

Date    Time                            Topic                                                                               Speakeaker

8/22       9:00 AM              TBA                                                                                     Joan Stephenson

10:30 AM              Dr. P. Phillips Center                                                                    Dana Brazil

8/29       9:00 AM       Diabetes: Why is it So Prevalent in Today’s Population?        Dr. Putzer

10:30 AM              Various Colors of the Trumpet                                                    Lyman Brodie

9/5         9:00 AM                Hands on Orlando                                                              Kyle Trager

10:30 AM              The Ringed Planet: Cassini’s Voyage of Discovery of Saturn   Dr. Joshua Colwell

9/12       9:00 AM               Florida’s Three Marjories                                                      Ann Gardepe

10:30 AM             Wetlands, Water and Wildlife: How You Fit into the Picture   Mark Sees

9/19       9:00 AM               How to Become Invisible: How to Protect Yourself         Bill Kahn

10:30 AM             The Enigma of Vladimir Putin                                           Ellen Hurwitz, Ph.D.

9/26       9:00 AM               NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex Asteroid Sample Return Mission  Dr. Humberto Campins

10:30 AM             Management and Prevention of Back Pain        Dr. Nichole Dawson & Dr. Bill Henney

10/3       9:00 AM               Health Care Changes and Updates              Aaron Liberman, Ph.D.

10:30 AM                Folk Art                                                                          Kristen Congdon

10/10    9:00 AM               Aviation and the Law                                    Dr. Timothy Ravich

10:30 AM             The Relevance of Classical Music in the 21st century            John Sinclair, D.M.A.

10/17    9:00 AM       Unexpected Hospitalization           Dr. Mary Lou Sole, Dean College of Nursing

10:30 AM             The TRIO Project and STEM:             Dr. Rebekah McCloudS DES, Director Trio

10/24      9:00 AM              Update to Stem Cell Research             Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya

10:30 AM             Team Performance: Cockpit Crews to Robotic Coworkers   Florian Jentsch, Ph.D.

10/31    9:00 AM       orensic Archeological Research: Improving Search Methods   John Schultz,

10:30 AM                 Greenwood Cemetery                                                                Don Price

11/7       9:00 AM   New Technology/Simulation in Nurse Training     Dr. Minda Anderson & Dr. Desiree Diaz

10:30 AM             Behavioral Finance                                                                Jack Schott

11/14    9:00 AM               Taking Care of Aging Eyes                              Dr. Robert Wilson, Optometrist

10:30 AM             A Tale of Two NASA Missions: New Horizons and Lucy        Dr. Dan Britt

11/21    9:00 AM               Zombie Ants                                                       Charissa de Bekker, Ph.D.

10:30 AM             History of the FDA, Quality and Regulations :                           Bob Rolle

11/28    9:00 AM               Race, Gender, and the Reconstruction Amendments         Dr. Patricia Farless,

10:30 AM             Nationalism, Communism, and the Confucian Family in China         Robert (Bob) Moore


Spring 2017 Lectures (January – April)

1/17      9:00 a.m.   Lindsay Neuberger, Ph.D., “What We Say Matters: Sharks, Space, and Student Stress” 

1/17     10:30 a.m.     Scott Branting, Ph.D., “Monitoring Ancient Archaeological Sites in the Middle East”

2/21     9:00am     David Mac Donald, “Student Composition and the Process of Teaching Composition”

2/28    10:30am    Ted Reynolds, Ph.D., “Cell Phones, Computers, and Human Trafficking: How to Stay Safe”

3/21    9:00am    Dr. David Head, “Privateers of the Americas”

3/21   10:30am   Kathryn Brohl, “A Love-Hate Thing: When Adult Children Refuse to Accept Responsibility”

Fall 2016 Lectures (August – December )

8/23            10:30 a.m.       P Teri Fine, Ph.D., “Party Reform in the 21st Century: How Changes in the Party Nominations Process have Fared over the last Generation”  

8/30     10:30 a.m.       P  Deborah Beidel, Ph.D., “PTSD”

9/6      9 a.m.              P  Jan Clanton “J.M.W. Turner”

             10:30 a.m.      P Cathy Yi, MPT, OCS, “All the Right Moves: Dealing with Back Pain”

9/13    9 a.m.              P  Jan Clanton “Cristo & Jeanne Claude”

            10:30 a.m.       P  Judy Luckett, Ed.D., “Painless Foreign Language Learning”

9/20    9 a.m.              P  Randolph Russell, Ph.D, “American History & Civics Literacy”

            10:30 a.m.       P   “Behind the Scenes at  the WP Sidewalk Art Festival”

9/27    9 a.m.              P  Robert Bernstein, “Meditation”                                                                      

            10:30 a.m.       P  Amy Cameron O’Rourke: “Senior Living/ Aging Successfully”

10/4    9 a.m.              P  Thomas Burke, “Overhead Recon During the Cold War”

10:30 a.m.       P  George Kyriazis, Ph.D, “Taste Receptors, Sweeteners, and Impact on Health”

10/11  9 a.m.              P  Nicole Lighthall, Ph.D., “Brain Imaging”             

10:30 a.m.       P   Teri Fine, Ph.D. “What to Watch For on November 8, 2016: Candidates, Parties, and Issues” 

10/18   9 a.m.             P  Jonathan Matusitz, Ph.D, The European Migrant Crisis: What America Can Learn

            10:30 a.m.       P  Karen Morrison “The new ODI at UCF”

10/25  9 a.m.              KW  Alvin Wang, Ph.D., “Ways of Seeing: The Rise of Abstract Expressionism”

            10:30 a.m.       KW Nancy Squillacioti, “Maintaining Brain Health As We Age”

11/1    9 a.m.              P  Keth Britton, “How NASA & KSC are Re-tooling KSC for the Next Generation of Space Exploration to the ISS                                                                            and Beyond”

10:30 a.m.       P  Keith Britton and UCF Engineering, “How NASA & KSC are Studying the Effects of Climate Change with UCF next- generation Climate Models”

11/8    9 a.m.              P  Gunes Murat Tezcur, Associate Professor and Chair of Kurdish Political Studies, “A Century of Solitude: The Kurdish Question in the Middle East”

            10:30 a.m.       P  Gordon Kerr, “Doing the People’s Business—the View of a U.S. Senate Aide” 

11/15  9 a.m.              P James Faust, Edward Jones Investments and Jared Motzenbecker, MFS Fund Distributors, “Wise Investing”                            

            10:30 a.m.       P  Mark Cooper, JD, “Ethics & the Law”

11/22  9 a.m.              P  Kate Mansfield, Ph.D., UCF Biology Dept, “The UCF Marine Turtle Research Group:                                                                                                                                         ” A Whole LIFE-History Approach to Sea Turtle Research” 

            10:30 a.m.       P  Stella Sung, Ph.D. “The Piano Virtuoso”