Will masks be mandated?

In keeping with the current UCF campus policy, endorsed by LIFE at UCF, facial coverings are expected while indoors. LIFE will have a supply of disposable masks on hand for members who prefer masks but don’t have one.

Can a member of the UCF community on their own require someone else to wear a face covering in their classroom, office, or other location on campus?

No. Under the new guidelines, no member of the UCF community is permitted to require any other member of the UCF community to wear a face covering on campus, whether in an office, classroom, or other location. You may encourage others to wear face coverings, but you may not require them to do so.

Will “social distancing” be observed in the Pegasus Ballroom?

The seating capacity of the Pegasus Ballroom is 560. Attendance in 2019-2020 averaged around 400. With new online options available, LIFE anticipates even smaller average attendance giving attending members ample opportunity to distance themselves as they’d prefer. Once weekly attendance patterns are observed, seating arrangements can be adjusted, maintaining the opportunity to social distance.

Ultimately, the choice lies with LIFE members. Those who are uncomfortable in an indoor environment regardless of crowd size or mask practices are encouraged to take advantage of the online options.

Should I notify LIFE at UCF which participation option I choose each week?

Only members planning on attending the Tuesday morning in-person presentations will be asked to notify LIFE at UCF.  A registration link will be provided via e mail on the previous Friday.

Will members be required to be vaccinated before attending in person LIFE sessions?

While there is no federal or state mandate to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, all eligible individuals are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. In addition to protecting each recipient against infection, it is essential that a large enough percent of the population receives the vaccine in order to achieve “herd immunity” to prevent continued spread of the virus causing COVID-19. We must each play our part in this process, as we have in the past with vaccines to eliminate the threat of polio, measles, and other viral infections.

LIFE and UCF encourages all LIFE members to take advantage of the Covid 19 vaccines available in the community after consulting with your personal physician.

What is the UCF COVID Self-Checker?

UCF AppThe UCF COVID Self-Checker is a tool designed by UCF to help visitors to campus make safe decisions regarding their campus visit.  UCF is asking all visitors to campus to complete the Self-Checker questionnaire prior to visiting any UCF campus or property.  By completing the questionnaire, you help protect yourself and everyone at UCF.

The UCF COVID Self Checker can be found at:
and can be found on the UCF Mobile app.

Will online participants be able to participate in post-presentation Q & A sessions?

LIFE is working on a tool that will allow live streaming participants to participate in post-presentation Q & A sessions.  Stay tuned for more information.  Online participants and members choosing the recorded option can submit questions directly to the presenters via e mail after seeing the presentation.

My UCF Student ID has expired.  What do I do?

Unless you intend to use your UCF Student ID for access to a UCF event, your ID can be renewed at your convenience.

Contact LIFE at and ask for your ID renewal credentials.  Your form will be sent to you via e mail.   When you’re ready, take your form to Card Services located in the John T. Washington Center across from the Student Union on UCF’s Main Campus.

Members joining LIFE for the first time Fall 2021 will receive their ID credentials with their welcome package.