Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Research Award

General Information

Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Research Award provides funds to support gerontology research projects submitted under the UCF OUR (Office Undergraduate Research ) program.  The purpose of the LIFE gerontology award program is to encourage UCF undergraduate students to conduct research that supports all aspects of understanding the human aging process, and improvements to the wellness and quality of life of senior citizens.  It is a separately administered program from the UCF Undergraduate Research Grant program, but utilizes gerontology related research projects submitted  in the UCF system.   Since gerontology is an interdisciplinary subject  this grant program is open to all undergraduate students no matter which major they are studying.

The UCF OUR research program is open to all UCF undergraduate majors.

The Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Research Award provides $500 for one gerontology related research submitted through the OUR program.   The LIFE  gerontology research Awards committee determines one winner each semester.

To apply for for the LIFE gerontology research award, applicants must check the Gerontology Research box on the UCF application form. Applicants are asked to ensure that the proposed research paper clearly explains the application to gerontology.  Merely noting that the research may be related to a common senior disease is not sufficient.  URO Research applications that are gerontology marked are reviewed by both the URO review committee and the LIFE gerontology Grants committee.  Research projects may receive awards from both LIFE and UCF.

Applications are submitted at the end of each semester.  Funding is provided and must be utilized during the following semester.

Information and Applications are located at the following web site:

Gerontology Awards are based on the merits of the project submitted for consideration using the following minimum criteria:

  1. How well the project meets the purpose and intent of this award.
  2. How well the research meets the stated gerontology related need.
  3. Benefit to LIFE members, to elder students, to community members, and to lifelong learning.
  4. Availability of other funding to support this research.

This past academic year LIFE received over 20 applications for the Al Dallago OUR Gerontology Awards. One $500.00 award is made for each academic semester. The following 3 awards were made over the summer, fall, and spring semesters:

Summer 2016 Award: Justin Deithorn: For research that uses computation fluid dynamics to develop a surgical method to correctly place a VAD ( Ventricular assist device ) in heart patients.

Fall 2016 Award: Baggio Evangelista: For research to find a Parkinson’s disease biomarker from blood samples.

Spring 2017 Award: David Phan :  For research that will determine muscle fatigue differences between older and younger males after exercising.

Summer 2017: Kari Shaver: Stimulation and Modulation of Natural Killer Cells

Fall 2017:  Walter Smarrah: Defining the role that master regulators of virulence factors play in Mycobacterium abscessus