Knights Food Pantry

The Knights Helping Knights Food Pantry was created by the UCF LEAD scholar students in 2009 to provide free food and necessities to any fellow student who was struggling. The Pantry serves about 4,000 students every month—or an estimated 14% of UCF’s undergraduate student population. LIFE members have contributed to the Pantry through food drives and cash donations for many years as evidenced by the 2018-2019 contributions: 418.2 pounds of food; $1,239 in cash donations.

Students who present a valid student ID can pick up 5 food items each day. There is no limit for toiletries or clothing.

Small items can be dropped off anytime. There is a donation box next to the information desk in the rotunda of the Student Union, same building as Pegasus Ballroom.  Large donations can be driven to the Pantry, located in Ferrell Commons. Call the Pantry: 407-823-3663 for directions. Someone will come out to your car to collect your items. No need to park.

Checks are accepted every week.  Make  your check to Knights Helping Knights Pantry. Give your check to Leslie Collin, LIFE Executive Director and we will deliver your check to the Pantry.

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Set your calendars for Tuesday, March 3rd, for our Spring Food Drive for the Knights Pantry. More information to follow!